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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What make and model vehicles does North Park Sell Now buy?

A. We buy any model/make, car, SUV, or truck, foreign or domestic, even sports car and special interest vehicles.

Q. Is there a mileage limit on the vehicles we purchase?

A. Any vehicle mileage is ok, we buy vehicles with 2,000 miles or 200,000 miles, even if it may have a mechanical issue or damage.

Q. What if my vehicle has a loan on it?

A. North Park Sell Now will pay off your existing loan and provide payment for your equity.

Q. What if I have lost my title?

A. No problem, we can assist with getting replacement title and still prchase your vehicle.

Q. How soon do I receive payment when I sell my car to North Park Sell Now?

A. Payment is available within an hour, once we have all documents needed..

Q. Can I trade in my vehicle to get the sales tax savings?

A. Yes, Just choose a vehicle at anyone of our twelve (12) locations and we will arrange the trade in. Its that simple.

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